Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BYS Looking for MODELS

(Graphic By Blahm3)

BYS Fashion Line is looking for models !
We are looking for fresh, new and unseen faces to walk the runway for our fashion line.
We are going to be hiring about 12 models, if you won last year, you can still apply.
Just fill out this application form in comments.

Stardoll Name:

We really hope our new Fashion Line will be a success !
Please post the graphic you see above on any blog you own/write for. It would really help us.
If you do please tell us in comments also.

-Blahm3 and Tonia.ftw

(Click image to enlarge)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you+Big news !

Okay so first of me and Tonia would like to thank you all for supporting BYS in SFW.
Also a HUGE thanks to Dog_boy96 and Pirata111, for helping us finish the collection in time !
We are very surprised and honoured that we won ''Best Newcomer'' in SFW.
Below is our finished collection.
We will soon be having a makeover for this blog, and also we will be making a new post
so yous can apply to be a model for the next BYS collection.


Monday, December 27, 2010

BYS Model winner + Special Surprise

First of all we would like to thank All the people who entered our competition.
Yous have helped us so much !
The amazing winner is gabby1822 she is now our final model !
But there is another special lady who invited nearly as much as Gabby did.
So because we want to be fair we used the runner up Zoe_COUTURE as our backround model.

Thanks again to all the people who entered !
We have entered BYS into fashion week and we are now waiting for a response if we get a yes
we will debut BYS there but right now we are starting work on our collection !


Friday, December 10, 2010

Models Chosen !!!

We have chosen our 9 models.
The choosing was very difficult as the people who entered all had such unique and wonderful styles.
But now we picked the ones who most fit the theme !
If you did not get in really do not worry you may get in next time !
The people who got through.

1) Pizzaqueen1
2) Colleenballeen
3) Polincik
4) Syligirl
5) Jay.pattison
6) Shake-something
7) pauo-watson
8) .pease.
9) anoO_

There is still one place LEFT :O
If you want to win the final place to be our model there is a little competition for you !
You have to invite a person to follow this blog and in comments write that you sent them.
Its easy and you could well enough be the last model for this collection !

Deadline: 17/12/2010 yous have exactly a week. 

Good Luck Blahm3/Tonia.ftw

*Wonderful graphic by tonia.ftw*

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do you want to be a model for BYS ?

Okay so if yous don't yet know we are looking for models for the upcoming Fashion Line
If you want to apply please read the post below this one for the full details! 
Also Please post this picture in your blog to help us out if you do so we will be very grateful !
Also thanks to Gabriel for helping us make the face.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome+Hiring Models

BYS Fashion Line
Is going to be a new and original fashion line made by Tonia.ftw and Blahm3
The header is temporary until we get a new one !
We are hoping to release a collection in the near future and maybe even make a collection for Fashion Week.

Right now we are looking for original dolls we can use as models !
Applying is easy and you might be one of the lucky ones who will get to wear the clothes we make !

Fill out this form in comments to apply :

Stardoll Name :
Type of Fashion:
Why you want to apply:

We really hope this will be a big success and with your help we are sure we can do it ! 

BYS Team : Tonia.ftw/Blahm3