Monday, December 27, 2010

BYS Model winner + Special Surprise

First of all we would like to thank All the people who entered our competition.
Yous have helped us so much !
The amazing winner is gabby1822 she is now our final model !
But there is another special lady who invited nearly as much as Gabby did.
So because we want to be fair we used the runner up Zoe_COUTURE as our backround model.

Thanks again to all the people who entered !
We have entered BYS into fashion week and we are now waiting for a response if we get a yes
we will debut BYS there but right now we are starting work on our collection !



  1. Very cool congrats and the graphic is brilliant.

  2. Congratulations, Gabby.

    The graphic is beautiful by the way :)

    ~ Zoë xoxo

  3. Wow,I've never won anything before!Lol.No seriously,thank you so much!And I think Zoe is so awesome and an incredible model as well and we've become good friends because of this comp. I'm am so ecstatic right now.. almost speechless :) :) :) :) :) :)

  4. Congratulations Gabby! you earned it!

  5. Congrats gabby! But just wondering, is that the Louis Vuitton pattern on her dress...?

  6. Baha Gwenee Yes it is , these dresses are not from our collection just some graphics with our winners , Thanks for asking ! (that should be clear)

  7. You couldnt even be asked to design your own clothing, in a prada add you dont see a mcqueen dress, or in a mulberry add you dont see a hermes bag!! its just so untasteful!

  8. @Lezbosonstardoll this isn't an add :)