Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome+Hiring Models

BYS Fashion Line
Is going to be a new and original fashion line made by Tonia.ftw and Blahm3
The header is temporary until we get a new one !
We are hoping to release a collection in the near future and maybe even make a collection for Fashion Week.

Right now we are looking for original dolls we can use as models !
Applying is easy and you might be one of the lucky ones who will get to wear the clothes we make !

Fill out this form in comments to apply :

Stardoll Name :
Type of Fashion:
Why you want to apply:

We really hope this will be a big success and with your help we are sure we can do it ! 

BYS Team : Tonia.ftw/Blahm3


  1. Stardoll Name : Blondygirl000

    Experience: None i havn't done modeling for stardoll before

    Type of Fashion: I like Vintage glamourous chick fashion !

    Why you want to apply: I think it would be a good opportunity for me and to get myself noticed on stardoll. Thanks

  2. Stardoll Name: .pease.
    Experience: I've Been On The Runway Of 'Fantasy Couture', I've Also Got A Modeling Job At 'Dioguardi'. I've Also Modeled And Been Covergirl For Several Magazines And I've Won Several Modeling Cycles, Vanity Models Cycle 1 For Example.
    Type of Fashion: It Depends On My Mood, It Can Really Be Influenced By Everything Around Me!
    Why you want to apply: Because I Think That It Would Be A Really Fun Experience As Well As A Great Opportunity!


  3. Stardoll Name : VampireLady33
    Experience: none yet
    Type of Fashion: goth mostly, but I can do any
    Why you want to apply: I want to be seen and show my style to others

  4. Stardoll Name : lady_sudy
    Experience: I havent
    Type of Fashion: Glamour, and business lady clothes like mini skirts, blazers etc .
    Why you want to apply: I want to wear your clothes and finally make my eperience .

  5. Stardoll Name : Sasha_sushi

    Experience: None, but I'm hoping to have the chance.

    Type of Fashion: I wouldn't say I have a specific stye on stardoll, I like to mix. In RL I'm mainly chick & Glamour look.

    Why you want to apply: I want to have the chance to show my style, and be an inspiration to others.

  6. Stardoll Name : queen-of-mean.
    Experience: I've been a model some magazines .
    Type of Fashion: Innocent edgy I love to mix edgy with feminine touch .
    Why you want to apply: I want to apply because I love doing anything related to fashion , and being a model would be a great thing ! Also it will be really fun :D


  7. Stardoll Name - xxlovexx
    Experience - A few magazines, and Diva By Gwen.
    Type Of Fashion: I wouldn't say I have a style. I try to do different styles on Stardoll, but I do love an edgy look!
    Why you want to apply - I love modelling, I want to be an inspiration to others and get to show off my unique style! :)


  8. To all people who applied you must be a follower of this blog to be considered if you have not followed do so now !

  9. Stardoll Name : Tapstar321
    Experience: I haven't had any modeling jobs yet but I think I am capable ;)
    Type of Fashion: The thing I love about my look is that it is very versatile. It can be adapted to be in many different kinds of styles, from rocker grunge to feminine and sweet. I've also tried out futuristic and neon themes on my medoll and they all work.
    Why you want to apply: I have had a lot of blogging/graphic designing on stardoll, but aside from a few modeling competitions I haven't modeled much before. I think I have what it takes, I just haven't applied as model and I definitely want this to be one of my stardoll professions ;)

  10. Stardoll Name : Altonmiddle12
    Experience: I'm currently modeling for a magazine that has yet to be released, I've won several modeling competitions, and I'm a member of some modeling agencies online.
    Type of Fashion: I like to make things classy but also edgy at the same time. I like to think of it as modern and artsy,and I love to use items in ways you wouldn't think of. I also love to be very laid back and down to earth with a simple dress. Anything that looks good and will draw eyes.
    Why you want to apply: I love fashion and I love modeling. I've always been a little model, doing simple things for clubs and album-magazines, but this could be a major break for me. I've been working really hard to get the perfect modeling job, and I think that a model for a Stardoll fashion line would be an amazing experience and chance.
    Thank you. Have a nice weekend(:
    Good luck everyone else applying(:

  11. Stardoll Name : To_Royal

    Experience: I haven't been given the chance to do any modeling jobs. So, no, no experience.

    Type of Fashion: I love glamour, meaning all types, from maybe Victorian glamour to Oriental to 1920's and 40's and so on. But I also love edgy attire, such as leather. But a lot of times, I love to be business-like, blazers, trousers, etc. But I can dress as anything really, since I do mainly dress according to my mood.

    Why you want to apply: Because, I would love and opportunity to have this chance and hopefully help you guys out.

    So thank you for this chance.

  12. Stardoll Name : Princessvx
    Experience: I have been on Stardoll for a very long time (3 years), but only started blogging about 1 1/2 years ago... I have had lots of experience during that period of time, including writing for Runway Magazine, many various blogs from fashion too gossip, and many other different things, giving me a wide experience.
    Type of Fashion: I don't think 'type' should be in the definition of fashion, because I do not choose my fashion and clothes by a type.
    Why you want to apply: I have a lot of confidence, a lot of personality... I am a unique person, with something unique to bring to BYS fashion line.

  13. Stardoll Name :jelizaveta123
    Experience:I am a model for color magazine
    Type of Fashion:well I don`t have a specific style...m< life inspired me,when I am sad I will probaly wear black clothes,when I am happy I wer colorful clothes, RL I desing clothes soo sometimes it inspired me too ;Danyway I have a realy unique style =D
    Why you want to apply:becouse I wanna to become a model,I think that it would be a great opportunity!

  14. Stardoll Name : Syligirl
    Experience: I was a model for some magazines, can't remember them all but let me say it were I think 4 magazines.
    Type of Fashion: I could do be a model for anything: high fashion, street fashion, whatever you want.
    Why you want to apply: Because I love to model, and to show the world that there are models then only bluegreen86 and n1mka4eva. Sorry to say it this way, but I think it's time for some new models.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Stardoll Name : Larsa_Gurl

    Experience: None as a model for a magazine, but I've won 1st place in the catwalk (before stardoll made the trophies for them sadly.)

    Type of Fashion: Chic style, I like to make it classy but original and creative.

    Why you want to apply: I want to apply because I would love to be a model and have other experience with being a model for something besides winning in the catwalk.

    Thank you, -Larsa

  17. Stardoll Name :RF17

    Experience:none ..

    Type of Fashion:Glamor any thing really

    Why you want to apply: O would Love to be a modle because i would like to experince the modling business...

  18. Stardoll Name : Cutiepie80

    Experience: A bit in peoples albums and In Bold Magazine (Really old issue, + it was on wordpress and they've moved to blogspot)I need a big brea tough :D

    Type of Fashion: Casual / Glamour. I take my style in my stride, I'm influenced by Top Models,Fashion and Art.

    Why you want to apply: I want to apply because I want to have a fabulous experience I'll never forget and I want to express myself in Modelling.

    Thankyou + Have a nice day ♥

  19. Stardoll Name : Rosalie_Twiligh
    Experience: Miss May in Bell modelling, peoples albums and other titles, currently running for Miss 2011 in bellmodelling.
    Type of Fashion: I don't really have a style but if I had to say I was a style I would be chic
    Why you want to apply: Because I love taking on modelling jobs on stardoll and I would love to have this opportunity.

  20. Stardoll Name : Ciaraleanne
    Experience: Uh god, lol ehm,
    Model in:
    Dioguardi Couture,
    Cyanide Magazine,
    Lipstick Magazine,
    Recherche Magazine,
    Admire Couture,
    etc (really cant think right now lol)
    Also covergirl for various magazines... i forget which (bad memory, I know...) ehm one was definately Recherche, and many magazines that turned out to be unpublished :(

    Type of Fashion: Different styles, I dont really dress my medoll this way, but I love drawing couture and high fashion clothing :P Avant Garde, etc but I also love street style, casual etc. Sadly, stardoll actually haven't got enough clothes options for me D; lol

    Why you want to apply: Because I really love modelling for different couture lines, magazines etc and I have really high hopes for this collection (:

    C. x

  21. Stardoll Name :4mariam

    Experience: non

    Type of Fashion: Classy & Elegant but with a twist

    Why you want to apply:Because it's something new to me, and it looks interesting,& i have great expectations for this new line, i believe it's going to be big and successful

  22. Stardoll Name : Princesspea105

    Experience: I have modeled in a couple clubs/albums on Stardoll and also on a blog. Nothing too serious, but it was a great experience. Enough to take good instruction.

    Type of Fashion:
    Edgy/Girly. I like pink florals with hardware and a leather jacket. I'll mix a girly dress with some grunge boots. But at the same time I love wearing gowns and wearing pink eyeshadow like so many other girls. I like to break the rules and take risks. I'm not afraid of fashion or [of]having a unique style.

    Why you want to apply:
    My doll is African American. I would love to represent all the other African Americans on Stardoll. I'd be honored to model for such a great designer. I'm also very versatile. You can change up my doll's hair, makeup, look, anything! I wont complain. I take direction very well. I am also responsible. So if you ask for anything, I will be there to do it for you.

    Thank you! Good luck.

  23. Stardoll Name : pizzaqueen1

    Experience: I own a lot of blogs, all successful and am in many blogs, I also model for breathless magazine and I have won fifth place cg,first place scenery etc. :D

    Type of Fashion: My fashion sense is probably what you would say, girly. But when them army boots slipped onto my feet that changed,I fell in love with them boots.I started mixing the strangest things, floral skirts with my obviously all time favorite boots, Off the shoulder tops with pink knit uggs? I mean, it's pretty cool!

    Why you want to apply: Well, I want to do this as a reminder really, that there's hope for me...I mean, I'm young so I have the whole world waiting.But, starting now...That would open SO many doors for me, and out of stardoll to.I would be much more confident, even though I keep stardoll a secret from my friends! ;) I also want to show every one in FashionClub that I am here, and i'm not just a worthless person :D

    Thank you, :)

  24. Stardoll Name : sugar103

    Experience:None yet. Became National Covergirl, writes for blogs and owns Stardoll's got Talent

    Type of Fashion: I'm unique. I don't follow trends and if I do, I make it my own. I believe fashion shouldn't be followed, it should be made.

    Why you want to apply: This would be the perfect oppurtunity to start a modeling 'career' This would give me the chance to live one of my dreams (Stardoll dreams can be big ) ;)

  25. Remind to ALL applicants

    You must be a follower if you want to be considered for the modeling position if you have not yet do so now as i am picking people soon !!!

  26. Stardoll Name: Polincik

    Experience: Vanity Models (cycle 1, runner-up); State of Fashion blog (writer); Runway Magazine (editor-in-chief).

    Type of Fashion: Street Chic; Edgy or Casual style; sometimes I love avant garde style, something unusual and original.

    Why you want to apply: It was always my dream to become a model in real life. Well, I'd be glad to become a model in a virtual one :D

    xoxo, Pauline

  27. Stardoll Name : Iovanca
    Experience: i am a contestant for many modeling competitions like Lite Models, i am a model for the first issue ever of Pesfection magazine and i was the model for the first spoiler of it.
    Type of Fashion: Glam rock, most of my outfits, but i easily change the style of my outfits for any occasion.
    Why you want to apply: i wanna develop my stardoll modeling career, and this seems to be a great opportunity

  28. Stardoll Name: shoxsanam
    Experience: None. Yet :)
    Type of Fashion: It depends on my surroundings in stardoll
    Why you want to apply: I want to start a modeling career on stardoll and it seems like something fun and exciting which i love

  29. Stardoll Name : rralucaa1996
    Experience: None yet . I had a competition for girls from my country called RoNextTopModel .
    Type of Fashion: Depends , retro , vintage , urban chic , office
    Why you want to apply: I feel like this is a great and important project , I want to take part of it .

  30. Stardoll Name : colleenballeen
    Experience: None(:
    Type of Fashion: Random, depends what I feel like, it's usually casual.
    Why you want to apply: You ever get sick of people giving you the plain old answers? I'm chic or classic? That's all people say lately, I know my answer is just as plain,but I have no words to describe it. I wanna be the model, who's the exact opposite to everybody else. To Be Herself.

  31. Stardoll Name :AbiiBabeh..x
    Experience:Many magazines, fashion lines.
    Type of Fashion:REAALY high. Eccentric, quirky, vintage, modern,edgy,.
    Why you want to apply:I'm never usually picked to be a model, im usually doing something else. Also I always be myself no matter waht.

  32. Stardoll Name : Carleit
    Experience: Runner-up for Junior Models and winner of models_love.
    Type of Fashion: Modern/classic
    Why do you want to apply? Why not? It would be such an honor to be seen in your magazine. It would also be really fun! I`ve never been in a magazine before so I would be so excited if you picked me to be in yours. =]

  33. Stardoll Name : Juciimami827
    Experience: I have modeled in Forever Chic Magazine. I am a hardcore player in stardoll's atm comps, and I a Judge for Legend Models Comp. (I also own, write, have been featured, and work for various blogs on stardoll like,,, and more)
    Type of Fashion: It really depends on my mood. I can go from glam, to retro, to urban, to edgy. Everything I wear is Chic, thats the one thing all of my outfits must be.
    Why you want to apply: This IS an amazing opportunity! If I could add modeling for such an anticipated line to my sd resume I'd be thrilled. I am looking forward to this line being Amazing, and I would love to be a part of it :)

  34. Stardoll Name : bu_ny
    Experience: B&B shoes collection designer, SNT blog writer.
    Type of Fashion: Extravagant
    Why you want to apply: This is my dream, I really like to create a graphic.

  35. Stardoll Name : Zoe_Couture
    Experience: I am the face of Sheer Modelling and Poise Modelling. I am 5Model's November and December Model of the Month.
    Type of Fashion: My personal style on Stardoll is quite sophisticated and a little edgy but I am happy to be put in any type of clothing for this line.
    Why you want to apply: I believe this fashion line is going to be extraordinary and I would love to be apart of it!

    ~ Zoë

  36. Stardoll Name : TYLERCON

    Experience: I Have Had A Modelling Job Very Recently,But Sadly The Magazine Was Cancelled Due To A Lack Of Funding,Models And Many Other Vital Elements For The Production Of A Magazine!

    Type of Fashion:I Adore Fashion,I Love All Styles And Seasons,Nothing Seems To Let Me Down,I Would Find It Easier To Name What I Dont Like And That Is Gothic/Emo Style,Its Hard To Impress Me!

    Why you want to apply:I Want To Be Featured In A Major Project On Stardoll,And I Think That This Would Be An Excellent Starter For Me!

  37. Stardoll Name : marikate14
    Experience: Yes,I've been in some magazines.
    Type of Fashion: Rock,edgy bust still feminine.
    Why you want to apply: I want to apply because, i do believe that it's a great opportunity to build a model career in Stardoll,and of course,I'd be personally honoured to wear your clothes.

  38. Stardoll Name : Jay.Pattinson
    Experience: None yet, but I've been picked to be a model on Stardoll's Project Runway
    Type of Fashion: It depends on lots of stuff. I think I can say it's something between Casual and urban chic. I usually dress myself according to my mood.
    Why you want to apply: Well, I want to aply because I think it's a great oportunity to be descovered has model. This is a very promising fashion line because I know the creators have an amazing taste in fashion.
    I think I have a very exoctic look, and I'm different from what we usually see on stardoll. I think I just need an oportunity so pepole in the stardoll comunity can see what my real potencial is. Plus, I think I'm a really nice and approachable pearson, with a good personality. :D

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Stardoll Name : liajm
    Experience: I was CG of recherche magazine, a model for perfection (in SFW) and a model for the style project.
    Type of Fashion: It depends on how I'm feeling. I really believe in fashion as self expression. So if I'm feeling really girly, that's how I'll dress. But mostly I like to stay classy. Coco chanel inspired, with my own little flair.
    Why you want to apply: I think this would be a really great experience and opportunity to "show my face" so to speak (:

  41. Stardoll Name : shake-something

    Experience: I've been on the cover of Cyanide's last halloween issue and i've also been on the cover of Urban/Illusion magazine's first issue.I've also participated in MelsModels(hosted by bluegreen86) where i ended being the runner-up of cycle 4,EbonyModels(hosted by clubklo) where i won cycle 2 and RNTM(hosted by RihannyX) where i'm runner-up of cycle 2.

    Type of Fashion: Well,i really love couture as i love to overdo everything.I mean,in fashion you have got SO many possibilities so why be satisfied with something less then shocking,right? ;)

    Why you want to apply: Well,i really think it's a great oppurtunity as i'm all around stardoll modeling and i think this line has got a huge potential so it would be amazing to be featured in the first collection. :)

    Thank you!
    Xo Aba

  42. Stardoll Name : Brumilicious

    Experience:None,yet.I've only beena model for my magazine Deliverance,so far.But i'm hoping for more :]

    Type of Fashion:Chic,Edgy,Downtown Girl,Urban and Military,Minimalistic.It depends,but those are mainly all the styles that i like to combine or to wear.

    Why you want to apply:I think this is a great Fashion Line and beeing a model would be a great oportunity,i think my medoll would fit for this and i have the attitude to be featured.I want to start being noticed and this would be a great chance for me.


  43. Stardoll Name: amy_0202
    Experience: been in a few cycles, been in a small magazine (captured on stardoll)
    Type of Fashion: Herd to say, I like grunge, but I don't have a style, it is what I feel like wearing, my style changes on a daily basis, I like to be orginal
    Why you want to apply: Because this is a great fashion line idea, it is about being different and orginal, not just being the 'in' style!

  44. Stardoll Name: MissDancer853
    Experience: Was a contestant at
    -Distinct Models
    -MissMackenzie07's Next Top Model
    Guest Judged for:
    -Carolyn's Next Top Model
    Currently modelling for Perfection.
    Have been told my style is great!
    Type of Fashion: My fashion tends to be high fashion with a touch of me(original). You can see my medoll mostly wearing vintage because that's my main type of style. I can always be myself or wear something that I'm not accustomed to and work the runway. (;
    Why you want to apply: This seems like a promising fashion line and I'm sure it'll be a great experience.
    When the fashion line releases,I'll be able to say "Oh that's me!"
    Modelling is also something I'd like to experience more. If I'm good at it then I should like to model more in my future stardoll career!

  45. Oh, and I forgot to add that I was also a model in Vniteen magazine (as part of a prize for winning TTT preppy competition)

    sorry for not adding that in earlier!

  46. Stardoll Name : Pauo-watson

    Experience: I've been in a several cycles in different clubs- one of them was melsmodels.
    I've also been featured in blogspots like njoy.

    Type of Fashion: well i wouldn't say i've got a special style. But a word for my style is Fierce.

    Why you want to apply: I want to show my style to people, show people me. Then i also want to give inspiration, the way i get inspiration.

  47. Stardoll Name : bikini.brud
    Experience: I'm in numerous modeling clubs, manager for a few. I've modeled for belt magazine (not too sure if it still exists).
    Type of Fashion: My style shifts a lot, I like to keep things rather monochrome and simple but still interesting. I'd say my style is kind of edgy since I get a lot of my inspiration from rock n roll fashion.
    Why you want to apply: I think it'll be a fun experience and a really good opportunity to be noticed a bit more.
    I wish everyone the best of luck.

  48. Remind to ALL applicants

    You must be a follower if you want to be considered for the modeling position if you have not yet do so now as we are picking people soon !!!

  49. Stardoll Name :Ellara
    Experience: I haven't got experience!
    Type of Fashion:Simetimes my style is very cool and''crazy'' but sometimes it is very elegant!
    Why you want to apply: I think it could be a great experience because i love modeling and also i love fashion and clothes!I know also everything about modeling

    Anyway...that all ...I ve been waiting for your answer!

  50. Stardoll Name : Conii987
    Experience: I've been a model in Lipstick, Stiletto, Admire Couture,I've also won Lace Models Febuary and I'm sure I've been in something else but I can't remember atm.
    Type of Fashion: Hmm it's chic and urban, I usually wear clothes depending on my mood.
    Why you want to apply: I think this will be a good fashion line and I would love to be a model for it.

  51. Stardoll name: BiSkOtAkI
    Experience: None :/
    Type of fashion: Whatever I like :P
    Why you want to apply: Because I am confident!

  52. Stardoll Name : Hotangel9
    Experience: I worked in a couple of magazines, I was in the final 16 (I think) of Vanity Models and a little collection ... not much but this may help to fulfil my experience.
    Type of Fashion: Anything ... if it's fashion .. I'm wearing it:}
    Why you want to apply: After my failure to this kind of thing, I wanted to try again. This time I want to succeed. It knocks my confidence when failure happens but for some reason I carry on without a care in the world. I don't know why I do but maybe it's just me.

  53. Stardoll Name :gabby1822

    Experience:featured in VaniTEEN mag and Eccentric mag, winner of FCM Poise model comp, Top 4 of Sparkling model cycle, currently in Lite model and Captured model comp.

    Type of Fashion: Couture,High fashion,catalog, editorial,runway,you name it, I will transform...

    Why you want to apply:
    This really means a lot to me.I have what it takes;determination,dedication and drive. Modeling on stardoll has really helped me with my creatitivy and in it has been so inspiring and I really love it. This would be an amazing experience and oppurtunity to be part of. It would be such an honor to represent you :)

  54. Stardoll Name : Lauren-D

    Experience: This will be the first experience, if I will be chosen, if you don't think about all cycles in Stardoll clubs.

    Type of Fashion: Sometimes minimalistic like Chloé, sometimes elegant like a parisienne, sometimes black like le soir. But also loveable haute couture, inspiered by Christian D's amazing crafts. But I'm actually open for everything which contains class, orginality or elegance.

    Why you want to apply: This is an exciting project, and it would be an honour to be a part of it!

  55. Stardoll Name : clubklo ( Estelle )
    Experience: DioGuardi,MelsModels,won ElegantModels,Big Brother Stardoll,and many other small jobs (albums,makeup tutorials,graphics,etc.)I do a lot of editorials (scenery),but not very much magazine modeling.
    Type of Fashion: Edgy chic,very structured with refined makeup and sharp lines.I am parisienne,with a little American swing!
    Why you want to apply: I am applying because I love the work of both owners and I would really love to be included in a publication that'll surely be full of unique,amazing graphics and articles!

  56. Stardoll name: groovyme4ever
    experience: I'm new to the business and hoping that this will be my debut
    type of fashion: european runways!!
    why I want to apply: I want to be a model in real life so why not have some experience on the virtual world and because I love the lipstick magazine :)

  57. Stardoll Name : berberry_girl
    Experience: I belong to many modeling clubs, have particiapated in various contests. I won Cycle 1 in club Style.Icon (which is unactivated by the owner emmoh, but it doesn't change the fact of my winning), 1st place of club Kalbam MissOctober modeling&sceneries contest this October. Currently I am a runner-up in JuniorModels, SD_spotlight and Model_Madness.
    Type of Fashion: elegant, sophisticated, chic, femminine. Sometimes I feel a need to go for soemthing darker and edgier, but I still keep it elegant.
    Why you want to apply: As I mentioned, I belong to many modeling clubs, but I believe that 'stepping' on the virtual runway has differences. I feel tempted to try my modeling potential and I believe that it would be very interesting and useful experience. This seems to be exciting never-seen-before project, and I'd love to be a part of it.

    However, I wish you the best,

    Aggy aka berberry_girl

  58. Stardoll Name: miladyfashion
    Experience: I was a model for a few of blogs that are not as known as it is, but I have to admit they were amazing experiences for me.
    Type of Fashion: Well, my medoll's style changes very often, it is hard to describe my style! I am very inspired by RL stylist as Alexander MacQueen and Karl Lagerfeld. In my outfits I love to use many clothes and, sometimes, to use items of the Suite Shop! I am also much inspired by big fashion icons, especially Lady Gaga. I could learn a lot from her! But usually I love also to dress chich and, sometimes, elegant.
    Why Do You Want To Apply: To be a model for a famous magazine has always been my biggest dream in Stardoll since a very long time. I always admire dolls like bluegreen86, one supermodel of Stardoll. She helped me a lot with Fashion, and what I am now it is only thanks to her! I hope that this will be my debut, and that after this experience my " Model Project" won't stop.

  59. Stardoll Name: Eltato
    Experience: I have not had much experience as a model on Stardoll, so (if you chose me), this would be my first experience.
    Type of Fashion: I like a classy, vintage style, usually involving floral prints and pale colors (light pinks, browns, ect) in my daily wear.
    Why you want to apply: I would like to apply because I would love to be featured in your BYS Fashion Line, and it would be my first experience as a model on Stardoll.

    Thanks, Ella♥

  60. Stardoll Name : ErikaLuciana06
    Experience : I don't have any experience yet, but i hope i'll get the chance
    Type of Fashion: Actually goth, but i can do everything
    Why do you want to apply : I would like to apply because this is an amazing fashion line, this would be my first experience as a model, and I just want to prove to everyone that you don't have to be SS (to) become famous.

  61. Stardoll Name : Pallie.25
    Experience: None- but you have to start somewhere right? So if you would choose me this would be my first experience!!
    Type of Fashion: Its a moody thing, so it depends on how I feel. Normally I will dress casual/street chic but somehow I am starting to look more glam. as welll!!!!!!!
    Why you want to apply: I want to be an inspiration for others some day. I want to be a role-model. It would be an awsome feeling just wearing these clothes(even if it's just my doll wearing it) so I hope that by being there, people will find inspiration and will want to wear this amazing (to-be) creation!!

  62. Stardoll Name : sinbabee
    Experience: Recherche magazine, MissStardoll, MelsModels, also been asked to join cycles such as Lite and Vanity models
    Type of Fashion: Edgy, Very unique on stardoll im more classy and rocky with some edge :)
    Why you want to apply: I love modelling seeing myself on the mags and fashion lines is amazing

    Heres my spread in Recherche:

  63. Hi :)
    stardoll username:-kaami1990
    experience:-glow magazine, talent on stardoll....
    why i want to applay:- It would be amazing coz i am girl who is crazy about fashion i always check sd fashion lines & this one made me really excited.
    my type of fashion:- i am in real life usual,uni,colorful,classic & ME lol......hehe , in stardoll i just dress my me-doll something fashionable & uni i use my own style add to what i am thinking in (funky,classic etc,,,) so it = creative ! i love trying new things only if it would look good ........ yup thanks xx nour

  64. Stardoll Name : IrishLily09
    Experience: Sadly,I have barely any experience.I have recently joined numerous Modelling agencies,in hope I'll gte some.But if people turn me down because of this,Im never going to get any experience,right?
    Type of Fashion: I'm not too sure.I suppose its sort . . .Glam?On second tohught maybe not.For example,my friend will wear,baggy trousers and converse and Im wearing my denim jeggings and wedged boots.
    Why you want to apply: I have been trying to be a model for something-stardoll for a long time,and everything is an opportunity to try,right?
    Lisa xx :)

  65. Stardoll Name : candylightnight
    Experience: None yet, but I want to enter the fashion world
    Type of Fashion:Any, I can change and apply myself to any style.
    Why you want to apply: I want to apply because I want to be the fresh face of a magazine and enter the fashion world, with only the best magazine. I might not have proper training, but I can learn from the best if you accept me to enter this company.

  66. Stardoll Name : MissLiLLyLo
    Experience: One of the biggest experiences was helping with magazine. I gave some ideas to the graphics designer and they succed, about the modeling, about modeling, I don't have much experiences, but my medool was in a total 1 magazine, some time ago.
    Type of Fashion: There is no fashion style, or type, which will describe my look, but I always love glamour style, sometimes something classic, I am very strict to styles, some of them, I like then the others I don't like, but if the whole outfit looks great, I will love it, even if it isn't my style.
    Why you want to apply: I want to appy, because I want to get more experiences with modeling, I think only in this part of Stardoll I don't have them (enough). Also, I really love Stardoll graphics, so I would really like to see my doll on more of them as well. Also I would really like to be featured in BYS Fashion Line.

    Regards, MissLiLLyLo

  67. Stardoll Name : Cinderhella

    Experience: Participant in OHMYGOSH models cycle 2.

    Type of Fashion: I don't have a specific style but whatever's in fashion i try it around and mix and match other items with it. So probably quirky? but i try to keep it quite chic.

    Why you want to apply: I want to apply because i want more experience in modelling to help me further. Also i really like graphics and i like to see all the amazing graphics and if i was featured in one it would be amazing.I just really want to learn more from people who are experienced in this field of media.
    Thank you :)

  68. Stardoll Name: Creina10
    Experience: Not that much, but I am starting my magazine's first issue which will soon be released.
    Type of Fashion: It really changes all the time.
    Why you want to apply: Because I think my medoll looks quite natural and beautiful at the same time. She can wear any type of clothing, and still look good in it. I think if you saw my medoll, you would say it is creative.

  69. Oops too late.
    Sorry for posting

  70. When will ur Applications be opening again? I am very intrested (: Thank's ♥

  71. I'm looking to do some modeling I'm terrisita